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3rd Annual Robert Iwata Memorial Lecture

posted on 1:30 PM, April 7, 2009

Canada-Japan Society of British Columbia
80th Anniversary Presentation Series
3rd Annual Robert Iwata Memorial Lecture
Held in conjunction with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
We thank UBC's College for Interdisciplinary Studies for their kind
support of this event

Date: Wednesday April 22nd, 12:00-2:00 PM
Place: UBC Robson Square Rm 225 (800 Robson St, Vancouver)
Price: $30 (including GST $1.43 #139057855 RT0001)
*lunch and refreshments will be served.

Featured Speaker: Anne Park Shannon
The first two Robert Iwata Memorial speakers focused on the Nikkei
experience in Canada.  Have you ever wondered what it might have been
like to be a Canadian in Japan a hundred or so years ago?  Who went?
Why did they go?  How did they live?  These are questions Anne Park
Shannon began asking herself when she served at the Canadian Embassy
in Tokyo.  When she returned home she began digging.  And out they
popped, a cast of remarkable  individuals who are the subject of a
soon- to- be- published book.  While we know a good deal about
Japanese immigrants to Canada, much less is known about the flip side,
Canadians who went to Japan.  Their stories tell us that Japan had a
much larger influence on the development of Canada than may be
imagined; as well as something about human nature.  Anne will share
with us some of her favourite characters, using some precious old
photographs and images.

Anne Park Shannon served in the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo as economic
and financial counselor during the 1980's.  As a member of Canada's
Foreign Service, she specialized in Canada - Asia and Canada - U.S.
affairs.  She has served at senior levels of Canada's Ministry of
Finance, and with international and Canadian economic organizations.
She has also worked with the United Nations on human rights, as well
as the environment.  She lives in Victoria, where she maintains a
strong interest in Japan and Asia.  She is an Associate of the
University of Victoria's Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives (CAPI).

Please RSVP to Angela Hollinger (604) 708-3306 or email
We are encouraging attendees to pre-pay by mailing cheques to; P.O.
Box 47071 15-555 W 12th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X0

For planning purposes, please register by Friday, April 10. Please note that we can't accept cancellations after April 14 and NO-SHOWS will be CHARGED.
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