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Japan Post's Ichiro commemorative

posted on 12:06 PM, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009 -

Many Society members follow the local Major League Baseball team just south of the border, and will find this story to be of interest. 

Recently Japan Post issued a press release announcing a special premium stamp set featuring Ichiro Suzuki and his accomplishment of 9 consecutive 200-hit seasons.

Post offices throughout Japan will be accepting pre-orders of the stamp until October 30th, with the stamps shipping sometime around the end of November. Each stamp set sheet includes 10 sticker-type 80yen stamps, 1 premium holder, and 9 post cards.

The stamp set will cost 3,980 yen. Buyers of the set will also be included in a special drawing (51 possible winners) for a slice of a bat Ichiro used in a game (not the bat with which he set the record).


シアトル マリナーズイチロー記録達成記念 プレミアムフレーム切手セットの購入申込み受付を、イチロー選手がメジャーリーグ ベースボール9年連続200本安打の記録を達成した翌営業日から平成21年10月30日(金)まで全国の郵便局(一部の簡易郵便局は除く)で行います。

JapanPost-IchiroPR.pdf (application/pdf 40.6 KB)
Japan Post Press Release
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