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2010-2011 Canada-Japan Co-op Program

posted on 1:54 PM, May 7, 2010

On Thursday, May 6th, 2010, the Consul General of Japan, Hideki Ito hosted a farewell luncheon for the 2010-2011 group of students of the Canada Japan Co-op Program.  Of the 26 students from across Canada, 17 were from British Columbia, representing the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria.

Consul General Ito welcomed the students to his residence and wished them well in their upcoming work term in Japan. Wayne Robson, Regional Director and Senior Trade Commissioner with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Steven Archer, President of the Canada-Japan Society of British Columbia, together with Hiroshi Yamamoto, Society Vice-President and Arthur Hara, Chair of the Asia Pacific Trade Council, all spoke briefly, encouraging the students.

The names of the departing students, together with their schools, area of study and Japanese employer, are listed below:

 A Shelly   UBC   Science   Computer Science   NTT Yokosuka   Kanagawa 
 A Chen  SFU  Science  Computer Science   NTT Yokosuka   Kanagawa
 A Ku Ong  Waterloo  Engineering  Mechatronics   Panasonic  Osaka
 C Soong  UBC   Science   Biochemistry  Kao  Tochigi
 D Rea  Manitoba  Science  Computer Science  ATR  Kyoto
 H Huang  SFU  Engineering  Electrical  JFE Steel  Okayama
 J Cheng  UBC  Science  Engineering Physics  Hitachi  Ibaragi
 K Wilburn  Calgary  Engineering  Computer  NTT Yokosuka  Kanagawa
 K Poon  UBC  Engineering  Mechanical  JFE Steel  Hiroshima
 K Schaufele  UVic  Science  Microbiology  Kao  Tochigi
 K Sama  Concordia  Engineering  Software   ATR   Kyoto 
 L Yu  SFU  Science  Molecular  Kao  Tochigi 
 L Furnell  Alberta   Engineering  Materials  NIMS  Ibaraki
 M Duppenthaler  UBC   Science  Molecular  Kao  Kanagawa
S Lee   UBC  Science  Engineering Physics  NTT Atsugi  Kanagawa
 S Clare  UBC  Science  Computer Science  Sanyo   Gifu
 S han  SFU  Engineering  Biomedical  Panasonic  Osaka
 S Venkatesh  Calgary  Engineering  Mechanical  Yamatake  Kanagawa
 S Cheung  UBC  Science  Computer Science  NTT Yokosuka  Kanagawa
 T Hui  UBC  Engineering  Mechanical  Osaka Gas  Osaka
 T Li  UBC  Science  Physics  NTT Atsugi  Kanagawa
 T Shi  UBC  Science  Engineeering Physics  Sanyo  Osaka
 V Lee  Waterloo  Science  Computer Science  Hitachi  Kanagawa
 V Q Luong  Alberta  Engineering  Computer  NTT Kyoto  Kyoto
 Y Zhou  SFU  Engineering  Computer  Sanyo  Osaka
 S Hu  SFU   Science  Computer Science  NTT Yokosuka   Kanagawa

Since 1991, the aim of The Canada-Japan Co-op Program has been to encourage long term opportunities for scientific and industrial exchange between Canada and Japan.  In an effort to achieve this goal, the program has worked tirelessly to establish close, professional relationships with Japanese business, industry, and government ministries in order to create links with our Canadian counterparts.

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